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About Kerrie

“Who even is she?” Great question.

Learn more about Kerrie, her approach to coaching, and why she started Mindful Budgets.

Kerrie Saephanh
Owner & Coach @ Mindful Budgets

Hey, I’m Kerrie. I’m a finance coach who knows what it’s like to grow up in a low-income immigrant household, surviving on government assistance and credit card debt. There was never enough money, and it was terrifying.

This manifested in me being extra frugal. I hoarded money and hated parting with it, even if it was for something “good” like investing. I was finally making decent money, and still felt like it was never enough.

I realized that more money wouldn’t solve my problem — no amount would ever be enough. This is when the real work started. The work to unlearn the scarcity mindset and fear I had around money. To let myself buy something purely for joy, without shame coming along for the ride. To learn what my values were, and how align them with my financial goals. To start ignoring all the “shoulds” that people tell you when it comes to managing your money and to start listening to my own gut.

After a decade of trying to manage my money, I found zero-based budgeting and everything changed. I felt my stress melt away once I knew that my budget could flex and change along with my priorities in life. After years of spending nights and weekends teaching people how to budget, I decided to do this for real. In 2021, I became a YNAB Certified Budget Coach and launched Mindful Budgets. I feel so lucky that I can spend my days doing something I’m passionate about — helping people build budgets that will bring them peace with their money.

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