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Find peace with your money

Take the stress out of your finances with the one-on-one support of a YNAB budget coach

Conquer the YNAB Learning Curve

Get your budget set up the right way, faster and easier than doing it alone. Learn the skills to master your YNAB budget independently.

Eliminate Debt, Once and For All

Pay off your debt without sacrificing quality of life. Find your best repayment strategy, break the cycle, and eliminate debt — forever!

Outsmart Money, Together

Budgeting with a partner can be tricky. Establish a unified budget routine and learn how to advance together towards shared goals.

What Clients Are Saying

“I’ve never been good with money. I felt so much shame about my spending, so I kept ignoring the problem. Kerrie helped me break down the mental barriers I had for budgeting. Now, I have never felt so much freedom around my finances!


Oakland, CA

“I’ve tried budgeting before but couldn’t keep up with it. Kerrie taught me how budgeting can be fun! My partner and I are communicating better about money now and we’ll be paying off our car loan sooner than we thought was possible. Yay!”


San Diego, CA

I was embarrassed about my debt and I thought it was too late to change my habits. Kerrie and I made a budget to help me pay off my debt faster, and still let me have my morning Starbucks! For the first time in my life, I can buy things guilt-free.”


Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I’m Kerrie.

YNAB Certified Budget Coach, child of immigrants, karaoke enthusiast, and ride-or-die budget bestie on a simple mission: to help you find peace with your money, no matter what life throws at you.

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