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About working with Mindful Budgets

“For the first time in my life, I can buy things guilt-free.”

I worked with Kerrie last year when I finally decided to do something about my money. I was embarrassed about my debt and I thought it was too late to change my habits. I searched for a financial coach and found Kerrie. Together, we made a YNAB budget to help me pay off my debt faster, and still let me have my morning Starbucks! 

Now I know exactly where my money is going, and even if things fall off the rails temporarily, Kerrie taught me to stay calm and be confident that I have the skills to get back on track. I would highly recommend working with Kerrie to anyone who’s serious about making a real change with your relationship with money!

Loma linda, ca

“Coaching was the perfect solution for me, and Kerrie has given me confidence in using the excellent YNAB tools to know exactly where my money is really going.”

Working with Kerrie has been such a delightful experience! I look forward to every session, both because of how much I am learning, but also because Kerrie is such FUN! She has a very calm and accepting manner, and she helps you see your progress every week. When she doesn’t know the answer (more accurately, an answer she might classify as a complete answer), she says so, and she responds quickly with a follow-up email or text with the information. She is comfortable letting the client decide the direction of the session when you have a particularly burning question, but she will also guide the session to help you stay on track.

I was excited to discover YNAB–and it is even better than I hoped–but I immediately doubted my ability to learn how to use it and stay on track without getting discouraged. Coaching was the perfect solution for me, and Kerrie has given me confidence in using the excellent YNAB tools to know exactly where my money is really going. I now feel excited to to get even further ahead on my saving and to see how far I can stretch my dollars without feeling any guilt if I decide to splurge a little. Don’t hesitate to trust Kerrie to help you learn how to use YNAB and to celebrate your “wins” with you as you take control of your budget!

Rani F.
Lompoc, CA

coaching conversation

Change your money habits faster than going it alone

“Now more than ever, I feel more in control of my finances and empowered to make purchases that align with my values.”

Kerrie is such a budgeting boss! I am so grateful to have worked with her. Not only do I finally have a functioning, effective budget in YNAB, I have clarity about where I actually am with my spending vs. income. Kerrie is so on your team and completely nonjudgemental, so I felt safe opening up and getting real with her. She has so much valuable knowledge, which she shares in approachable pieces and as topics become relevant, so it wasn’t overwhelming. Her kind demeanor and witty sense of humor make her a delight to work with. I highly recommend working with her!

Seattle, wa

“My wife and I are finally on the same team when it comes to our money.”

Kerrie helped my wife and I dig deeply into the reality of our finances, finally giving us the clarity and structure we’ve been looking for. Her positive, warm and encouraging attitude created a safe space to delve into something that has normally been a huge friction point for us. The biggest takeaway from working with Kerrie is how peaceful we feel about our situation now. We finally feel like we’re on the same team and have the tools to make our goals happen. Thank you Kerrie!

seattle, wa

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