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Find peace with your money with the help of a YNAB Coach.

Kerrie is a YNAB Certified Budget Coach who uses values-based budgeting to help you pay off your debt, take control of your money, and find financial peace.

a headshot of Kerrie Saephanh, a YNAB Coach

What is YNAB Coaching?

YNAB Coaching is one-on-one help with a YNAB Certified Budget Coach to help you get your budget set up, once and for all.

YNAB Coaches can help you understand the foundational principles behind YNAB, help you review and edit your budget, understand complicated features (like credit cards, Fresh Starts, or loans), and build a sustainable budget routine that works for you.

A YNAB Coach can teach you about more than just YNAB. We also help you pay off debt, clarify your values, create a framework to make financial purchases, save money, and build a happier life.

Whether you’re an existing YNAB user looking for support, or someone who’s never heard of YNAB before, we’d love to help you find out if coaching is right for you.

How a YNAB Coach Can Help You Fix Your Budget

Here’s a typical client journey at Mindful Budgets:

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Book a free 30 minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for your needs

Mindful Budgets is YNAB Certified!

We love helping clients set up their YNAB budget — that’s what we specialize in!

And once your YNAB is set up, we’ll dive even deeper to set realistic financial goals, incorporate your values into your budget, and help you find peace with your money.

Kerrie wears a lot of YNAB swag to show off her YNAB coach fangirl status
Coach Kerrie being a YNAB fangirl. If you can’t tell from the photo alone, she’s slightly obsessed with being a YNAB coach.


What is a YNAB Coach?

A YNAB Coach is specifically trained to help you set up your budget, learn the skills to use the YNAB software, and provide accountability and support to reach your financial goals.

What is the difference between a YNAB Coach, a budget coach, or a financial coach?

“Coach” is not a regulated term, so there can be many or no differences between these terms. Someone who calls themselves a YNAB coach may specialize only in teaching clients YNAB. A budget coach might only focus on budgeting, and a financial coach may provide more general personal finance support.

Because these terms can mean so many things to different people, it is very important to speak to a potential coach before deciding to work together. Ask questions about what they specialize in and understand if it fits the type of support you’re looking for.

What is the difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach?

A financial advisor focuses on creating investment strategies to help you grow your wealth. 

A financial coach can help you improve your relationship with money and stay on track to meet your goals.

Another way to think about it: a financial advisor helps you plan for the future, but a financial coach gives you strategies to manage your money today (so that you are able to plan for the future).