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Coaching Package

This 3 to 4 month coaching package is ideal if you’re looking for high-level accountability and ongoing support to make a sustainable financial change.

We suggest signing up for a coaching package if…

· You tried YNAB or budgeting on your own and it hasn’t worked for you
· You have a significant amount of debt to pay off
· You’re living beyond your means and have big changes to make
· You’re feeling overwhelmed
· You want the best value per session
· You own a business or have a complicated financial situation

What to expect

Every client journey is different, so there is no set agenda of what to expect in each session. However, here is one example of what some clients can expect from a Coaching Package:

· Sessions 1-3: We start with budget setup, foundational principles, and understanding your full financial picture.
· Sessions 4-6: With a strong foundation, we focus on money mindset and understanding your financial history. We start building you a sustainable budget routine, identifying your values, and setting goals.
· Sessions 7-8: By now you’ve got the hang of the basics, so we dive into advanced budget topics (credit cards, reporting, net worth, etc). Special topics (like debt payment strategies or budgeting with a partner) are introduced.
· Sessions 9-10: We’ll spend these sessions on whatever you find the most helpful. It can be anything: long-term planning, calculating net worth, or increasing your savings rate. We’ll review your progress and identify the best resources to support your next steps!

What’s included in a Coaching Package

· Ten 60-minute video calls with Coach Kerrie, including screen-sharing. These sessions are scheduled weekly and used within 3-4 months
· Priority email and text support during the package duration
· Easy homework to support your learning
· Prep work before the first session to ensure we optimize our time together
· Email follow ups and suggested next steps based on your goals

Price: $1490 (payment plan available*)

Packages are subject to availability.
* The payment plan adds 5% admin fee to the package cost and will look like $782.50 upfront and $782.50 due by the one month later, before the 4th coaching session. Contact us if you have any questions.